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July 7, 2012
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My 'Tirzah' Characters by Kelaiah My 'Tirzah' Characters by Kelaiah
If anyone cares to remember, I posted artwork of some of my characters from my original story, "A Land Called Tirzah." And BOY were those pictures hideous. Hideous and dull and... ugh, the list just goes on and on.

But that's the whole point about practice, so you can get better, and boy do I like these pictures a whole lot better. :XD::laughing:

So anyway, as you can see, I have re-done four of my characters, and have posted them so you can either express a comment or critique or what have you. :)

Fun fact: the style of their clothing was actually inspired by some of the clothing in "Kung Fu Panda - Legends of Awesomeness."

And now a summary on each character:


Originally, I had Elihu as half-rat, half-mouse, until finally I realized how stupid that was and just made him a full-blooded mouse (figuring that would turn out to be much more interesting in the long-run). He is actually the first one of my characters that I did a redo on, and I was quite pleased with how he came out.

His appearance (or rather, his wardrobe) was mostly inspired by Peng the snow leopard, a character from the Kung Fu Panda TV series. Making his paws bare was partially inspired by "Ratouille", and the shape of his legs was inspired by looking at artwork that other artists around here have done (such as :iconkobb:, thanks Kobb! :D:D:D).

Elihu is pretty much a traditional main character for the genre I have in mind: he's a foundling who grows up to be a warrior-wanna-be. Hopefully I'll be able to make him tolerable if not enjoyable as he goes on his journey.

Unlike other young aspiriring warriors that I've read about, Elihu has been trained all his life to wield a sword and fire an arrow, plus he realizes that a warring life is hardly glamorous. He takes his goal pretty seriously, but is painfully aware that despite his training, he is still un-tried.


All stories need a warrior-chick, and for my story, it's Zeriah who takes on this role.

Her appearance, as well as much of her personality, is very much inspired by Tigress from Kung Fu Panda, but both characters are, I think, very different, aside from the fact that one is a tiger and the other is a ferret.

Originally I intended Zeriah to be a mysterious warriormaid with unknown intentions on why she's here in Tirzah, but then realized that was actually pretty boring, and gave her little substance. So I gave her a bit of a new background and was rather pleased with the results.

Zeriah, like Elihu, has been trained in weaponry. However, unlike Elihu, Zeriah didn't grow up in the peaceful land of Tirzah, but rather in a much more dangerous climate. The belt on her arm, her wrist bands, and the scarf on her tail all cover rather hideous scars that she has sustained in training... and in actual battles.

Technically speaking, though, Zeriah is not a warrior, but a bodyguard. Who is she guarding, may you ask? I won't tell you just yet. ;):evillaugh:


Elihu's childhood best friend and an asiring messenger, Asahel is the book's comic relief, as well as the fastest runner in all of Tirzah.

Asahel's new look is actually the one I'm not entirely satisified with, though I do like how he's in a more flambouant pose. Plus I like the idea of him wearing a cap with a feather (kinda stolen from Gonff, but then again, the book never said that Gonff wore a hat to begin with! Hah hah! :XD::giggle::)).

Asahel is also one of the more fun characters to write about, since I get to be random and silly with him. Plus I enjoy the fact that he has quite the crush on Zeriah, but she's put off by his constant cheerfulness and holds him at arm's length - with her paw in a fist. :giggle:


Out of all my characters, Tamar's look has had the least changes, although I think she looks way more mouse-like here than in previous pictures I've done of her. Plus I'm pleased with how she came out in this drawing: she has soft features and great big eyes like Rapunzel, but she's not necessarily what you'd call "pretty." I wanted her to be more on the "plain" side, and I think I pulled that off. :)

Tamar has always been my designated leading lady, being the potential love interest for Elihu, although nothing is supposed to happen between them at first (mostly because of the age difference between them; Elihu is 17 and Tamar is 13). But in the later books, who knows what might happen: They might end up like Matthias and Cornflower; or they might end up like Song and Dann; or they might end up like Martin and Rose. Hard to say...

Welp, anyway, that's all I have for now. Hopefully maybe someday I'll draw pictures of my other characters, which might help me get back to working on my story. :D:D:D

Thank you all, and God bless! :D:D:D:)
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ShadowLegionnaire Oct 23, 2012  Student Writer
Cute characters :D
ShadowLegionnaire Oct 24, 2012  Student Writer
You're welcome :D
...Aah crud, thought my first comment got eaten. Sorry for the double (now triple) post. :B
:laughing: Hahaha, that's alright, thank you for your comments and critiques. :) Although I'm not too certain how their skulls look a little 'lumpy', I do appreciate that you gave a critique anyway. :)

And thanks for making a specific compliment to Asahel (so far he seems to be the most popular of all so far :XD::giggle:), although I you misspelled his name twice: "Ashael" and "Asrael". ;):giggle: Haha, that's okay, I realize he doesn't have the simplest name, and for awhile I've been contemplating giving him a new name, but so far haven't been able to think of one. :)

But thanks again, I really appreciate you taking the time to gander over my artwork, that's really awesome of you. Thank you. :D:D:D:)
Haha whoops, skimmed over the name a bit too fast both times - that's all my fault X)
Heh heh, its okay. :)
These are looking pretty nice! Some nice energetic poses you have going here, and Asrael especially seems like a fun fellow.

I think my main criticism boils down to the heads on these guys - think you might be going a little too far with realistic skull detail. It makes the characters' heads look a little lumpy while the rest of them are cartoony and streamlined - especially on your ladies. This is a problem I fight with a lot myself - letting anatomical detail get in the way of appealing shapes.

It's a pretty small quibble, though. I like how the costumes are looking, and there's some personality showing for sure. c:
Looking good - I like the energetic poses you have going on here! Ashael especially seems like a fun fellow.

My main criticism, I think, boils down to the head shapes. I think they could be streamlined a little bit, especially on the females. I think I can see you trying to define skull anatomy in there (looks like that's the cheekbone you're bringing out back there?) but the rest of the design style is cartoony enough that I think it's a touch too realistic. This is a problem I have a lot - letting anatomical structure take precedence over appealing shapes.

Overall, a small quibble though. I like their costumes, and some personality is definitely showing. Keep it up!
TrentVermin Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great work. :) I like the fox, he seems jovial. :XD:
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