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January 11, 2010
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Vilu Dasker Concept Art by Kelaiah Vilu Dasker Concept Art by Kelaiah
I am well aware that I'm a bit ahead of myself here, but I figured, what they hey?

A long time ago I read a fanfic depicting Badrang the Tyrant and Vilu Daskar as brothers, which I thought was an interesting take on them, considering the many similarilities between them.

Then one day I wondered if Nelvana had gone on to do "Legend of Luke", how would Vilu look? And would he look like how they designed Badrang? So I decided to draw him myself to see how it'd look.

Just for the record, I'm well aware that some people don't like how Badrang was animated in the TV series, but I do. I think they way how he looked was epic. :D

So anyway, yeah, I guess that's all for me to say right now. Hope you all enjoy, and God bless. :)

Oh yeah, one more thing! I do not own Vilu Daskar (property of Brian Jacques) or technically how he looks, as Nelvana originally created Badrang's look. That is all. ;)
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strongbad-joe132 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
I never understood why Nevada made the stouts look like wolves in the TV series. I guess that in real life, stoats and ferrets look the same so they wanted originality.
Kelaiah Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2012
:giggle: Its "Nelvana", though technically they only made one stoat (Badrang) look like a wolf. My guess is they wanted to make him look totally intimidating, and I think they did a good job. :)
Hobbs13 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012  Hobbyist
This is really cool and i like how you took the stoat look from the tv series and used it on Daskar Who is one of my favorite villains from the redwall series :) . I did my own picture of Cluny from the tv series and now im working on pictures of the rat shadow and a drawing of Daskar based on his original drawing from the cover of the book right now. I also wish they had kept going with the series after Martin the warrior cause it would have been so awesome and this could totally be Daskar's look for it.
Kelaiah Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2012
Thank you, sounds cool. :)
starlightdraik Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2010
With that helm on a middle east country comes to mind for some reason.
fimoman Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL, very nicely done! Yeah, whenever I pictured Daskar, I always kinda pictured him to be similar to Badrang, but more elegant looking, in a kind of Middle-Eastern way, if you know what I mean. I think it's the scarfed-helmet and bone scimitar that does it.
Kelaiah Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2010
Yay, thanks! :D Heh heh, yeah, Badrang is the more rugged of the two whereas Vilu is the elegant one. Yeah, the scarf/helmet/bone-scimitar does it. :)
DCLeadboot Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Badrang and Vilu Daskar may have been... brothers? :O
Good Lord! I never thought of that idea! That actually seems plausible!
Both alive in the same timeline - both stoats - both corsairs in their careers - both total a**holes! It fits! :XD:

Must admit, he looks pretty cool and epic like this and in this style! :thumbsup::D
Kelaiah Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2010
Wow, really? Thanks! :D :aww:

Heh, yeah, they might have been, but I guess we'll never know... ;) :XD:
DCLeadboot Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If only there was a Public Records Office where they'd keep such family records... :hmm:
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